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We’ve decided to make Melbourne Guru freely available – both online and in print.

This is because we believe that the information we publish is engaging, substantial, relevant and actionable. It should be enjoyed and shared without restriction. Most importantly – it should be put to good use. We aim for Melbourne Guru to be much more than vacuous entertainment. We want you to use it to push your music forward. To build your audience and your profile. To make your own contribution to the Melbourne music scene.

We rely on the generosity of our sponsors to make this happen.

We believe in what we’re doing. And we pay our staff and writers above standard rates. In return, they go above and beyond to produce articles that are head-and-shoulders above anything anyone else is doing in Melbourne. Instead of trying to do this as cheaply as we can, our focus is on doing the best we can.

We don’t accept sponsorship from just anyone. All our sponsors believe in what we’re doing just as much as we do. They’re active in the Melbourne music scene and they believe in making a genuine contribution. They support us because – like us – they exist to help artists and musicians in Melbourne.

For advertising and sponsorship inquiries, send get in touch with our advertising and marketing manager Max Bishop: max@melbourneguru.com.au

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