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Explain the recording process of your debut EP Party Time. What were some of the biggest challenges faced? How did you overcome them?
Our mate had access to a studio and asked if we were keen to record a few songs for free. So we headed into SAE studios and smashed out three songs in one night, which was definitely a challenge. It would be fair to say the vocals we recorded in the wee hours had to be re-recorded. We were stoked because we could track all the instruments at once — something we love doing because then it gives the recording a live energetic vibe. After the late night session we spent a month or two touching up the songs till we were happy and then released the EP to a heaving crowd at Revolver .

How do you prepare for a live show?
Beers, blast some rad tunes to get pumped and press repeat. Maybe a cheeky band dinner from the venue if we’re feeling rich.

You guys have been known to pack out quite a venue — what type of promotion and publicity do you engage in before a gig?
Hammer Facey, insta — pretty much all social media. We also spread a bit through word of mouth. Tip: Create the allure of a good time and guarantee a party with plenty of froths!

You recently played Forward Music Fest. How important do you think audience-artist interaction is, especially at a festival?
Its absolutely paramount — anything to engage the audience and make them have a good time. A couple of cheeky shoeys never hurt, if not a bit of a mid song skull. We figure if we’re having a heap of fun on stage then the crowd are going to get into it more and have a good time as well.

How do you guys approach songwriting? Do you have a formula or do you prefer to go with the flow?
Always like to go with the flow — our best tracks come about through jams at band practise. Occasionally one of us will bring in a riff we have worked on but normally the songs just start up in one of our 12 minute jams. After a certain riff or part is solid we all then write our own bits, bass lines, guitar riffs, drums and lyrics and within the next few weeks its normally down. To write decent songs all you need is to be in the mood and just have energy, otherwise you can’t get into it and that song may need to be recreated another day.


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