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The Reprobettes' Carol Micallef breaks down music distribution

With Carol Micallef

The Reprobettes’ pocket rocket drummer and promoter Carol Micallef returns to discuss music distribution and the importance of updated webpages and social media.

When distributing your music to radio stations in the few weeks or months leading up to your official release, begin by looking at the program grid for each station and find the most suitable shows based on your genre and style. Circle the most appropriate shows on the grid and start burning your promotional discs. Label the disc clearly with your band name and include the order and title of the songs. Deliver your press kit to your local community stations – most will have pigeon holes where you can drop them into the boxes of individual presenters. Alternatively, you can snail mail the pack to individual presenters or the station music coordinator who will then distribute to the programs they see fit. Follow up with the music coordinators and/or the individual presenters one week later to check if they received the release. It is worthwhile to include a link to your electronic press kit in the follow-up email, as some presenters prefer this to physical copies.

Updating your social media pages and websites regularly is crucial. Don’t direct people to your website if the information in your press release and bio is not consistent with your website content. Update upcoming shows, music release dates etc. before sending out your press kit as you need to maintain uniformity. Keep your social media current too – don’t send people to a Facebook page if the last time you updated it was six months ago! These seem like obvious points to make but they are the kinds of things that are easily overlooked.

With all of that having been said, best of luck to you on your journey and I hope these steps have helped and inspired you in some way to take action!


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